My research is in metaphysics and the philosophy of mind. In metaphysics, one of my central interests is the notion of grounding, otherwise known as the “in virtue of” relation. While controversy about grounding abounds, one way to think about it is via a comparison to causation: while causation links aspects of the world together horizontally across time, grounding does so vertically across levels of reality. In the philosophy of mind, a central interest is the problem of consciousness, specifically the problem of finding a place for conscious experiences in a world that is fundamentally physical in nature.     

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     ▷ Discussion of whether reflection on explanation should guide theorizing about grounding

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     ▷ Discussion of grounding-theoretic accounts of truthmaking in terms of the theoretical role of “catching cheaters”

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     ▷ General discussions of grounding, including its formal features, relations to other notions, and applications

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     ▷ Amendment of the below account with the aim of neutrality between competing theories of what is fundamental

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     ▷ Defense of an account of intrinsic properties in terms of (what is now called) grounding rather than naturalness

Kelly Trogdon

I am an Associate Professor & the Department Chair in the Philosophy Department at Virginia Tech.

trogdon [at] vt [dot] edu